Summerhill Landscape Hydrangea

Easy elegant beauty • Long lasting blooms • Transitioning color

Summerhill Landscape Hydrangeas are perennials that return year after year. They are easy to grow and add striking beauty to your landscape!

They provide stunning durable, long-lasting blooms with bold green foliage. Summerhill Landscape Hydrangeas bloom all summer long and go dormant in the winter.

Striking hydrangea blooms

Features and Care Information

Summerhill Landscape Hydrangeas offer high quality performance. They are low maintenance and easy care plants!

These striking perennial plants offer beautiful blooms of soft color all season long, year after year and are perfect for containers and garden landscapes.

They prefer part shade / part sun, morning sun is preferred. Water regularly and keep the soil moist. Prune and fertilize in spring. Pruning helps maintain a nice shape and size and this will also encourage a fuller plant. Use an all purpose fertilizer, add aluminum phosphate to restore green if foliage turns yellow.

• Plant in shade or part sun (morning sun)
• Water regularly, keep soil moist
• Space 30-36" apart
• Height will reach approx 36"
• Prune as needed in spring
• Hardy to zone 5
• Use an all purpose fertilize in spring (add aluminum phosphate to restore green if foliage yellows)

Hydrangeas can range in color from pink to blue, with every many shades in between. The blooms can change color based on the amount of aluminum the plants absorb from the soil, which depends on the soil pH. If you are interested in the year long process of changing the hues in your hydrangeas we suggest learning more about the process by doing some research. It is usually not a simple process.


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Striking hydrangea blooms