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Home - Fernlea Flowers Ltd.

Greenhouse tour - Acres and acres of flowers and plants

Annuals - Photos and growing tips

Containers - Experiment with container gardens

Fall gardens - Photos and growing tips

Red star spikes - Beautiful spikes for containers and garden beds

Ground covers - Photos and growing tips

Trailing vines - Photos and growing tips

Awesome Accents - Accents for containers

Harvesthyme Vegetables and Herbs - An extensive line of fresh vegetable and herb plants

Rio Dipladenias - Relax... It's Rio. Easy care tropical plants!

Calypso - Tropical plants with beautiful vibrant long-lasting yellow blooms

Hawaiian Punch Hibiscus - Large, bright, blooming hibiscus plants

Mosquitaway (Angel pelargonium) - Invite Mosquitaway to your party and keep mosquitos at bay!

Siam Splash - Tropical flowering curcuma

Fabulous Ferns - Mucho Macho, Sun Queen and Boston Ferns

Garden Tropics - Tropical center plants to add height to gardens

Winter Garden Collection - A collection of hardy Fall favourites and accents

Nutrients - Plant nutrient requirements

Soil - Plant nutrient requirements

Weeds - Controlling garden weeds

Hardiness map - Check for your zone

Disease - Common plant diseases

Pests - Common plant pests

Sun vs shade - Plant light requirements

Colour - Working with colour

Glossary - Horticultural glossary

Deer - How to keep deer away

Media Desk - Resources for the media




Rio Dipladenias

  Rio Dipladenias


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