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 Sun or Shade Garden?

Select your plants and flowers accordingly


Before planting in your garden, find out what areas are full sun, partial sun, shade and partial shade. You can do this by watching throughout the day and taking note of which areas of the garden are sunny or shady and for how long. When purchasing new plants, consult the care tags for light requirements.




Full sun

Sun loving annuals

Dianthus, garden mum, geranium, helichrysum, lantana, marigold, vinca, zinnia, zonal geranium.


Part sun

Part sun loving annuals

Ageratum, alyssum, aster, bacopa, celosia, dahlia, dusty miller, gazania, hypoestes, ivy geranium, lobelia, marguerite daisy, new guinea impatiens, pansy, petunia, phlox, platycodon, salvia, scaevola, snapdragon, verbena, viola.



Shade loving annuals

Coleus, double impatiens, fuchsia, impatiens, non stop begonia, boston fern.




Full sun

Sun loving accent plants

Very few accent plants prefer full sun.


Part sun

Part sun loving accent plants

Dracaena spike, sprengerii, vinca vine, swedish ivy, english ivy, german ivy, grapy ivy, spider plant, plectranthus.



Shade loving accent plants





Seasonal plants and flowers

Fernlea grows flowers and plants for all seasons. Choose a category below to see what is available and to find lots of growing and plant care tips.



Annual Plants and Flowers

Container Gardens

Autumn Flowers

Trailing Vines

Red Star Spikes

Rio Dipladenias



Tips and ideas for your garden

Here are some quick links within our site to help you with your gardening.



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Weed Control





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