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NEW for 2016 -
Frankie Flowers on a White and Green Themed Rio Gardens


NEW for 2016 -
Rios are Tough Garden Plants - with Frankie Flowers


NEW for 2016 -
Frankie Flowers Shows Us the Versatility of Rio Gardens


Learn How to Make your Own Tropical Planter in 4 Minutes with Frankie Flowers


Frankie Flowers on the Best Low Maintenance Tropicals for Your Garden


Frankie Flowers introduces the dazzling Rio white bloom!


The Low Maintenance Rio Diplandenia - Tubers


Breakfast Television, 2014 - Tropical Plants for Your Garden


Rio Dipladenias - Get Growing with Frankie Flowers




  • Toronto Star, Hot Plants - Rio Dipladenia 2015
  • "Rio has added white to its line of dipladenias. These hardy tropicals flower all season long and are very drought tolerant. They store water and nutrients in their tubers, so they'll bloom without water for one to two weeks."

  • Cottage Life, Editorial 2015
    6 Reasons to Plant Rios in your Cottage Garden
  • "The Rio Dipladenia is a gorgeous trumpet-shaped tropical flower that actually thrives in low-maintenance environments. Here’s why they make the perfect centrepiece in any cottage floral display." continue reading...

  • Cottage Life, Editorial 2015
    Create a DIY Rio Tropical Planter in 4 Simple Steps
  • "Looking to create an easy, show-stopping, long-lasting planter to display at the cottage? It’s easier than you think to put together a stunning piece that your lake neighbours will ogle. Choose a colourful tropical theme, anchored by the gorgeous, low-maintenance Rio Dipladenia flower, and follow these four simple steps for a truly sensational planter." continue reading...





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