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Rio Dipladenia
Introducing Rio Dipladenias

Rios produce beautiful bright blooms and lush foliage yet are hardy enough to thrive in non-tropical climates all season long, from mid-May to mid-October.

They are both the perfect bedding plant and an outstanding accent for hanging baskets or planters.

Tropical plants and cooler weather may seem like an unlikely combination, but the Rio dipladenias are heat and cold tolerant.

Rio-icuously Easy

Rios are the simple solution for gardeners of all skill and commitment levels.

They require very little watering - Rios have built in water storage in the form of “tubers” which store water beneath the soil for the plant to use during dry spells.

These tubers make Rio dipladenias the perfect choice for the busy, on-the-go gardener who isn’t available to water frequently at home or at the cottage.

What makes Rios Great

Rios are available in white, pink and deep red trumpet shaped blooms.

They perform best with 4 or more hours of direct sunlight daily.

• Rios are heat and drought tolerant
• They flourish in dry or humid climates
• Low maintenance and easy care
• Beautiful blooms all season long
• Perfect in containers and gardens
• Rios can grow indoors for the winter


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