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Gardening Resources


Rio Dipladenias - Rio dipladenia tropical plants make gardening Rio-diculously easy! Beautiful bright blooms all season long and very low maintenance.


Where to Buy - Find fresh plants at a garden centre near you.


Fernlea Garden Club - We will notify you by email when fresh plants arrive at garden centres in your region - Sign up now!


Harvesthyme Vegetables and Herbs - a leading provider of fresh and healthy vegetable and herb plants.


Awesome Accents - Create your own beautiful container gardens.


Red Star Spikes - Add eye catching height and texture to your containers and garden beds.


Icicle Pansies - For your fall garden - fall blooms and spring blooms, guaranteed!


Hawaiian Punch Hibiscus - Big, bright, beautiful, blooming hibiscus plants.


D.I.Y. Container Recipes - Step by step instructions to make your own beautiful container gardens.




Rio dipladenias

Rio dipladenias


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