Hawaiian Punch Hibiscus


Quick Care Guide

Hawaiian Punch Hibiscus plants offer big, bold, vibrant long-lasting blooms (3 to 4 days of tropical colour, whereas most blooms last only a day). They are perfect for containers and landscapes, bringing a tropical feel to your gardens.

These hibiscus rosa sinensis are intended for enjoying as garden plants or indoor plants and not for human consumption, we do not recommend eating these hibiscus or using to make tea.

  • Light - 6+ hours of direct sunlight per day is ideal.
  • Blooms - Big, bright, all season blooms, spring through autumn.
  • Colours - Available in pink, red, orange, yellow, orange-yellow and white bloom colours.
  • Water - Water when top 2.5cm (1") of the soil is dry to the touch.
  • Size - This plant grows 38-50 cm (15-20”) in height.
  • Fertilizer - Comes with a fertilizer charge, for best results use a balanced liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks.
  • Deadheading - Remove spent flowers and seed pods to promote blooming (see image below).
  • Tips - Hibiscus plants attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden.
  • Other - Treat as annuals in cooler climates - they will not survive a frost but can be overwintered indoors. Pruning helps maintain a nice shape and size and this will also encourage a fuller plant.
  • Outdoor Care
    Outdoor hibiscus flourishes best in warm and sunny places. The plants will be enjoyable in container gardens or freely planted in beds in the garden.

    Indoor Care
    They love the sun, so let the plant get a few hours of sunlight everyday to get it to bloom. If you see a sudden drop in the amount of buds, it can be a result of changes in the amount of sunlight it receives. When you water your hibiscus let the topsoil dry out between waterings and prevent the soil from getting soggy.


    Hawaiian Punch Hibiscus

    Deadheading is the removal of spent blooms and seedpods. Removing faded blooms will help to promote further blooming by directing the plant's energy to produce new blooms. Hold the branch of the finished bloom between your fingers (see photo) and snap/break it off where it joins the main plant stem and discard.