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Beans - Blue Lake String

Beans Blue Lake

  • Features: String beans or bush beans are second only to tomatoes in many vegetable lovers' eyes. They may very well be the easiest and fastest vegetable to grow, which is why they are a perfect crop for the new gardener. The reason they are ready to pick so quickly is because they are eaten before the bean itself is mature. Both the pod and bean seed should be tender when picked. This is in contrast with shell beans in which the seeds must be completely developed before picking.
  • Maturity: 48 days / pod size is 13-15cm (5-6")
  • Light: Plant in full sun.
  • Soil and water: These beans prefer a soil that is a bit on the sandy side, which gives them good drainage. If you have a clay-based soil, mix in compost. Compost can be purchased at your local nursery or garden centre.
  • Spacing: Space plants 20-30cm (8-12") apart. Hoe out rows of soil 3 to 4 feet apart.
  • Height: Varies.
  • Garden use: Vegetable gardens, raised garden beds.
  • Growing tips: This variety is easy to grow, has good flavour and high yield. Water regularly as the root system is shallow. Plant a new row of string beans every 10 days to two weeks to create a longer harvest, until it gets too hot. The vines grow upright, no staking is required.
  • Culinary use: Green beans are often steamed, boiled, stir-fried or baked in casseroles. Green beans can be frozen, dried or canned.
Both the pod and bean seed should be tender when picked. Harvest when the bean is 12 to 15cm (4-6") in length. Most mature beans will split when ready for harvest. Test ripeness by breaking pod in half; should have a crispy snap when ripe. Harvest by gently pulling on each bean from the vine or by snapping off the entire vine end. Store your beans in the refrigerator or other cool, dry area inside the house.

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