Enjoy Harvesthyme Organics

We have a selection of our finest veggies and herbs now grown organically. Look for the blue peat pot!

Our new healthy Harvesthyme Organics collection of popular veggies and herbs is 100% certified Canadian Organic. All of our plants are grown responsibly in our greenhouse; they are neonicotinoid free and non GMO. Additionally, the peat pots are biodegradable and can be planted in the ground.

Harvesthyme Organics

You can plant the pot right into your garden soil. Just follow the easy instructions below, the peat pot is environmentally friendly and will completely biodegrade in your veggie and herb gardens or your container gardens. These pots allow for healthier plant roots and quick planting.

How to plant the peat pot


Harvesthyme Vegetables and Herbs
Homegrown fresh and tasty!