Your Plant Hardiness Zone Map - Canada

This map can be used to help you select the best plants and vegetables and herbs for your garden, and to determine when to plant. It is simple to use, all you have to do is locate the zone where you live, and then choose the plants with your zone listing.

Plant hardiness zones in Canada

Most plants can grow successfully in a range of zones. Some plants, such as perennials, biennials, and bulbs, are more zone specific and should only be grown in the recommended zones. But annuals grow in almost any zone, providing they are given the correct amounts of water and sunlight, and the soil contains the proper nutrients.

The zones actually blend into each other, and within each zone there are microclimates that can be colder or milder than the surrounding area. Use the map only as a guide to selecting plants for your garden. When buying plants at your local garden centre you may want to ask questions concerning specific plants in your geographical climate.

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