Pepper Burning Bush

Pepper Burning Bush

  • Features: Strong plants produce excellent sets of firm fruits that mature green to orange. There is a definite heat to this variety but it is followed by a pleasant touch of sweet. The earliest-maturing variety of its type on the market.
  • Maturity: 85 to 100 days / pepper size is 4-8cm (1.5-3") in length.
  • Light: Plant in full sun.
  • Soil and water: Well drained. Thrives in a soil with a pH of 5.6 to 7.5. Water as needed.
  • Spacing: Plant 45-60cm (18-24") apart, in rows 76cm (30") apart.
  • Height: The plant is 60 to 90cm (24"-36") in height.
  • Garden use: Vegetable gardens or raised beds.
  • Growing tips: Plants thrive in weather temperatures of 15 celcius and higher. Plant 1 week after last frost. Regular watering is required. To achieve a spicier pepper, you can decrease& your watering and feeding a few weeks before harvesting. The more often you harvest, the more the plant yields.
  • Culinary use: Perfect for stuffing with cream cheese, pickling and preserving. Great in salads.
Scoville rating Scoville rating 15,000-20,000

The ranges of Scoville units typically used to call a pepper mild, medium, hot, or extra hot are:
• Mild (100 to 2,500) • Medium (2,500 to 30,000) • Hot (30,000 to 100,000) • Extra Hot (100,000 to 300,000+)

All peppers share a preference for a long, warm growing season. Set out transplants a week or two after your last frost, when the weather is settled and warm. Until the threat of frost has passed, keep your seedlings indoors at night, and move them to a protected sunny spot outdoors during the day.

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