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 Garden Design Ideas

Garden design 1 - grey house


Garden landscape idea for a grey house

This full sun garden can have more or less plants depending on the look that you want.


Grey house garden design


Flowers included in this garden

Hosta, impatiens (burgundy), coral bells, petunia (purple), begonia (white), pansies (mixed), fuchsia, caladium, lavender, bellflower, vinca vine, dracaena spike.


Trees and shrubs included in this garden

Wiegelia, Blue Star Juniper, Anthony Waterer Spirea, Blue Globe Spruce, Yew, Weeping Caragana, Spiral Spruce, Dwarf Nest Spruce, Japanese Red Maple, Boxwood.


Learn more about growing trees.


Know your soil

When it comes to planting, good soil is the foundation on which you build a good garden. And building good soil involves analyzing what you've got and supplementing what it needs.

Along with organic matter or humus there are three primary minerals that make up soil: sand, clay, and silt. The right balance of both humus and minerals will achieve garden loam, the best soil for growing plants. For more information visit our soil tips.


Planting and spacing

Click on the flower name in the list above and you will find all the planting and care instructions for each individual flower. Or visit our extensive annuals section.


Spacing is a personal preference. Planting flowers closer together will give a fuller coverage in your garden and vice versa. As a general guideline you can start with the following:

1. Multiply the length by the width of your garden or planting area to get your square footage.

2. Multiply the square footage by 4. This is the number of plants you will need for full coverage in your garden.


Example:  4 foot length x 3 foot width = 12 square feet
                   12 square feet x 4 = 48 plants


Seasonal plants and flowers

Fernlea grows flowers and plants for all seasons. Choose a category below to see what is available and to find lots of growing and plant care tips.



Annual Plants and Flowers

Container Gardens

Autumn Flowers

Ground Covers

Trailing Vines

Redstar Spikes

Rio Dipladenias



Tips and ideas for your garden

Here are some quick links within our site to help you with your gardening.



Selecting Colours

Plant Disease

Plant Pests and Insects

Deer Repellents

Plant Nutrients

Sun vs. Shade Plants

Hardiness Zone Map

Horticultural Glossary

Soil Smarts

Weed Control


Garden Planning


Planning your garden - for beginners it is important to draw a plan:

• Choose plants suitable for the site (light, soil, etc.)

• Arrange plants according to their height
  (i.e. taller flowers at back, shorter ones at front)

• Arrange according to plant form and texture

• Arrange according to flowering periods for constant blooms

• Arrange in groupings by type and color considerations


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