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 Container Garden Recipes

Sample container idea #2


Black tin container - 10" square container

This part sun container can have more or less plants depending on the look that you want.


Container recipe 2 Container 2 legend


A - Gerbera daisy (1)
B - Bacopa (2)
C - Lobelia (2)
D - Sweet potato vine (1)


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How to plant your container garden


Step 1 - Consider location

Consider how much sun your container will get and then choose your plants according to the recommended sun or shade requirements.


Step 2 - Select your container

Select a container with drainage holes in the bottom. Remember smaller containers will dry out faster so you may need to water more often.


Step 3 - Fill your container with soil

Soiless media is a great choice for your container. It contains peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. The key to a good media is that it provides proper drainage but also has water holding capacity. Fill to 2" from top.


Step 4 - Choose your fertilizer

You can choose either a slow-release type or a water-soluble one. Slow-release fertilizer is incorporated into the soil prior to planting and lasts 3 to 4 months. Osmocote 14-14-14 is an example. Water-soluble fertilizer, such as an all purpose fertilizer, is added on a weekly or bi-weekly basis according the manufacturer's instructions.


Step 5 - Plant

Plan out where your plants will be situated. Start with the center and work out from there. Dig a hole a bit larger than the container that the original plant came in. Carefully remove the plant from the pot by tipping it upside down. If the plant is very dry, you can moisten it first. Loosen the roots gently to encourage growth in the new container. Place in the hole, fill with soil and gently press down. When all the plants are where you want them, you may want to add a bit more soil.




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Use a soiless media

Good soil is the foundation to creating healthy container gardens.


A soiless media of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite is a great choice. Fill container to 2" from top.



Pinch the plastic pot


Pinch the plastic pot

Carefully remove the plant from the pot by tipping it upside down.


Pinch the bottom of each cell in the plastic pack to make it easier to remove the plants.



Loosen the root ball


Loosen the root ball

Gently loosen each root ball to enable the roots to spread into the soil as the plants grow.


Set the plant in the hole and fill in the soil around and above the roots.




Container garden tips

Crunched up aluminum soda cans will create light bulk in large pots and containers. Less soil to fill, lighter pot to lift!


Pinching off buds and flowers from flats of ever blooming annuals before you plant will help them settle in and put their energy into new growth.


Plants with variegated foliage prefer less sun and may "burn" if over exposed.


Many annuals give off a scent. Try dianthus, sweet alyssum, candytuft, petunia, heliotrope or sweet pea. To get the most enjoyment from fragrant plants, position your containers where your nose will find them - on your deck; close to a window; on the edges of your garden, patio or pathway.


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