Siam Splash - Tropical Flowering Curcuma

Enjoy this vibrant tropical garden plant!

Flowering curcuma is easy to grow and adds a tropical feel to your gardens!

They provide stunning pink and purple flowers with dramatic bold foliage. Curcuma blooms all summer long and goes dormant in the winter.

Features and Care Information

Siam Splash are high quality, greenhouse grown flowering curcuma. They are low maintenance and easy care plants!

These tropical plants offer beautiful blooms of tropical colour all season long and are perfect for containers and landscapes. Grow them on their own or combine them with other plants in your garden.

They are sun lovers - they flourish on the sun deck or around the pool. Treat curcuma as an annual in cooler climates, they will not survive a frost but can be overwintered indoors. Pruning helps maintain a nice shape and size and this will also encourage a fuller plant.

See our Curcuma Care Guide for more tips.



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