Christmas Belle - Premium Hellebore Plant

Move over poinsettias... there's a new bloom in town!

Christmas Belle is premium Hellebore plant (commonly known as a Christmas Rose). Strong, hardy and beautiful, they are the must-have solution for home decorating and holiday gift giving this season. Add beauty and brilliance to any inside or outside space during the cold, winter months. For enjoyment inside, place planter on a waterproof surface or plate.

Available in a 5” pot and a 10” Holiday planter.

5 and 10 inch pots

Christmas Belle Features and Care Information

Hardy, stunning, easy-care plants that will add beauty and brilliance to any indoor living space during the cold winter months.

Once the ground outside is frost-free, they can be planted in a shady to part shaded spot in your garden.

• Water plants when needed to keep soil moist
• Best with 2-6 hours of indirect, bright light
• Not for human or animal consumption
• Refer to plant tag for additional information



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Christmas Belle