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 Autumn Flowers

Flowering Kale


Flowering Kale

    Kale - please refer to plant caretag for specific variety information


Colours - Chidori Red, Chidori White, Pigeon White, Pigeon Red, Peacock White and Coral Queen.


Flowering period - Fall season.


Features - Very attractive leaves in late summer, fall and early winter. The broad leaves are usually wrinkled along the edges, giving plants an attractive, ruffled appearance.


Spacing - Plant 12" to 18" apart (30 to 45 cm)


Height - Grows 1' to 2' tall (30 - 60 cm)


Soil and water - Keep soil moderately moist, well fertilized and weed free.


Light requirements - Plant in full sun.


Best use - Excellent for containers, beds and mass planting.


Growing tips - Try flowering kale to add color accents to your landscape in the fall. Leaf color usually intensifies after a light fall frost.



Planning your garden

For beginners it is important to draw a garden layout plan

• Choose plants suitable for the site (sun vs. shade, soil, etc)

• Arrange plants according to their height

• Arrange according to plant form and texture

• Arrange according to flowering periods for constant blooming

• Arrange in groupings by type and color considerations


Select an autumn flower


Autumn Flowers

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   Gerbera Daisy


   Kale - Flowering


   Ornamental pepper


   Pansy - Icicle








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