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 Autumn Flowers

Garden Mum


Garden Mum

    Garden Mum - please refer to plant caretag for specific variety information


Colours - White, red, yellow, bronze and lavender.


Flowering period - Fall season.


Features - A very popular garden flower producing a showy floral display in autumn.


Spacing - Plant 15" to 18" apart (23 to 45 cm)


Height - Grows 9" to 36" tall (23 - 90 cm)


Soil and water - Thrives best in light soil containing adequate lime. Water as needed.


Light requirements - Plant in full sun.


Best use - Use in beds, containers or for edging.


Growing tips - Excellent for cut flowers. Bears many flowers and is considered a low maintenance flower. Garden mums produce underground stolens and can survive cold quite well. Most garden mums are perennials in zones 5 to 9 and much tougher than florist types. Some cultivars are less hardy than others and can be killed by an early spring frost.



Planning your garden

For beginners it is important to draw a garden layout plan

• Choose plants suitable for the site (sun vs. shade, soil, etc)

• Arrange plants according to their height

• Arrange according to plant form and texture

• Arrange according to flowering periods for constant blooming

• Arrange in groupings by type and color considerations


Select an autumn flower


Autumn Flowers

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   Garden Mum

   Gerbera Daisy


   Kale - Flowering


   Ornamental pepper


   Pansy - Icicle








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