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 Red Star Spikes

Home of the red star spike


Red star in planter

Create interest and beauty in your container gardens by adding a beautiful red star spike.


The Red star spike is deep red and has a palm like foliage. It is tropical looking, yet quite hardy (to zone 7).


This eye-catching spike grows 24" to 36" in height and grows well in sun or shade. It is versatile and becoming a favorite over the traditional draceana spike for containers and garden beds.


Outstanding features

• Tall grass-like leaves ideal for containers
• Richly colored and palm-like foliage create an exotic tropical look
• Grows 24" to 36" (61-91 cm) tall / space 18" to 24" (46-61 cm)



The red star spike is hardy to zone 7. It should be treated as an annual in cooler climates. To find your zone visit our plant hardiness zone map.


Sun or shade

This versatile accent plants grows well in full sun to shade.


Watering red stars

The red star spike prefers the soil to be kept moist.


Fertilizer requirements

We suggest incorporating a slow release fertilizer like Osmocote into the soil prior to planting. Otherwise, fertilize with a balanced fertilizer like 20-20-20 on a weekly basis if you have not added a slow release fertilizer to the soil.


Where to buy

Red star spikes are available at many garden centres. Please use our garden centre locator below to find fresh plants at a retailer near you.


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Add eye catching height and texture


Red star spikes


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Garden or containers

These striking accent plants provide beauty and height in both the garden or in planters.


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