Pepper Habanero

Pepper Habanero

  • Features: Claimed to be 10 times hotter than the Jalapeño, this is one of the most potent hot peppers! When ready to harvest, it is wrinkled, small and tapered and turns from green to orange in colour. This plant thrives in hot weather, to match its equally spicy flavour. Scoville heat rating is 100,000-300,000 (extreme).
  • Maturity: 95 days / pepper is 5 x 3cm (2 x 1.5") in size.
  • Light: Plant in full sun.
  • Soil and water:Well drained soil with organic matter of manure, compost and a pH of 6.0. Avoid planting in compact soil. Water as needed.
  • Spacing: Plant 45cm (18") apart, in rows 76cm (30") apart.
  • Height: The plant grows 60 to 90cm (24"-36") in height.
  • Garden use: Vegetable gardens or raised beds.
  • Growing tips: Plant to the depth of the container. To encourage the fruit on the plant to set, sprinkle a bit of epsom salts on the ground when you start your planting. Crowding in your garden can also help. Mulch to help control weeds. A lot of gardeners like to give their peppers time to mature and change colour, but the longer you wait for your peppers to ripen, they begin to lose their spiciness. When harvesting your plants, cut the pepper from the plant to avoid pulling.
  • Culinary use: Perfect for sauces, bases, canned or frozen.
Scoville rating Scoville rating 100,000-300,000

The ranges of Scoville units typically used to call a pepper mild, medium, hot, or extra hot are:
• Mild (100 to 2,500) • Medium (2,500 to 30,000) • Hot (30,000 to 100,000) • Extra Hot (100,000 to 300,000+)

All peppers share a preference for a long, warm growing season. Set out transplants a week or two after your last frost, when the weather is settled and warm. Until the threat of frost has passed, keep your seedlings indoors at night, and move them to a protected sunny spot outdoors during the day.

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